Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The eye has it

I somehow got something in my eye last night when I took my contacts out. I couldn't see anything and when Jilda had a look she didn't either.

It felt a little better before going to bed, but this morning it was much worse.

My calendar was packed, but I rescheduled some things to fit in an appointment with my eye doc.
She didn't see anything, but she did see where something had been. I had scratches and that was causing the problems. She prescribed some eyedrops that were laced with gold dust. Not actually, but the thought crossed my mind when I paid the copay.

I didn't have any pictures so I found one of Caillou last summer. He looked much different at the first of this summer when he got a buzz cut, but he's looking more like the dog in this picture every day. I'll take a followup picture of him early in September.


  1. I love Caillou, but most of all hope the 'gold dust' stuff works its miracle!

  2. I hope your eye is feeling much, much better.
    Caillou is such an elegant dog.

  3. I hope you don't have permanent damage to the eye and that the eye drops is helping relieve the discomfort.
    Caillou is a beautiful dog.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Any trip to the doctors seems to be paved in gold these days. Thank goodness for insurance. Beautiful dog and a wonderful picture. Hope your eye is much better soon!

  5. Hope that eye heals soon, between you not seeing and Ol Hook not hearing you two are a mess.

  6. Thank goodness nothing is wrong with your eye. I am always blessed to be living in Canada with free health care and now kids under 25 can get their prescriptions for free! Your doggie is so cute but regal looking. I need to watch Lassie Come Home again

  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I'm trying to picture a collie with a buzz cut!!

  8. You will have to read my post Friday about the bug that flew into my ear. These things are becoming downright aggressive.

  9. I've had a lot of eye and ear problems this summer. I blame a very full Lake Junebug and all the bugs and crap it attracts.


  10. Hope the eye is better soon. I know the drops are expensive. When Jack had his eye surgery they prescribed a drop that we had filled and then..after it was paid...said it was a mistake and he didn't need it. Of course we still had to pay for it because they don't take things like that back. I know I work in the healthcare profession but sometimes I think they are highway robbers!

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