Wednesday, August 29, 2018

It's not over

I had a followup with my surgeon this morning at 9:20.  It was a fairly short visit as doc trips go.  I walked in on a cane instead of the walker they sent me home with. Both the surgeon and the on staff therapist were pleased with my progress.

I walked to the front of the complex and waited until Jilda fetched the car.

Not long after we entered the Interstate onramp, the clouds looked threatening. As I looked out over the Birmingham skyline, as we made our way home I thought how much this city has changed in the past 100 years. 

Birmingham was named "The Magic City" because of the exponential growth. The growth was fueled mostly by coal and steel. There were steel mills all over Birmingham with smokestacks belching soot and embers. The air was as thick with smog. An hour of parking on a city street in those days would yield you a layer of soot on the surface of your car as thick as a pancake.

Then when foreign competition hit the steel industry in the 80s, the bottom fell out.  Soon, many of the smaller steel industries went under. Unemployment soared.

Over the next several years, something remarkable happened. The University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham became one of the best medical facilities in the country. Soon people flocking back to Birmingham.

The last few years have seen some remarkable things happen. All of a sudden, "The Magic City" tag didn't seem so tired.

I thought of those things today as we drove through. I snapped a picture of the old Sloss Furnace. For years it was an eyesore, but a metamorphosis occurred to the old property. Now, instead of it being a liability, they turned it into a park with concerts and other attractions.

I guess it's true, it's not over till it's over.


  1. Fortunately it is NEVER over until it is over and the fat lady has warbled her final tune.
    Glad that your doctor was pleased with you.

  2. Hi Rick.

    Good to hear good news from your Doctor - plus the cane instead of the walker. Hard work.

    Thanks for sharing some Birmingham history and the huge plus of a top notch University of Alabama's Hospital Medical Facility plus a stunning photo of the transformation from steel plant to park with attractions and concerts.


  3. Cane instead of a walker? Thats great! Glad the visit was short..
    I see much of our town making changes. We are expected to have a new Ballfield and sports complex one of these days. Planning takes years and preparing the land takes several more. This town makes slow progress.

  4. Glad you had a good visit with the doctor and are doing so well. You have a positive outlook and I think that helps. We've had a lot of steel mills close down here in northern Ohio and many lost jobs have meant a change in scenery here too. It's so true that its not over until it's over.

  5. I was in Birmingham in the early 50s with dad & Mom. I never noticed the smog/soot dust, I just remember a giant statue to steel (methinks).
    Glad you are doing well with the new wheel!

  6. Good news from the doctor is always great! I can't say that I am unhappy that the steel mills no longer function. The pollution is horrible and not good for anyone. Love the picture-moody

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Glad your mood after seeing the doctor was better than the one in the photo!!

  8. Glad to hear you're making progress. You are a get her done kinda guy.


  9. I've often wondered where the "Magic City" moniker came from. Thanks!


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