Friday, August 24, 2018


I was on the road to therapy before the rooster did his morning chores. Surviving day three gave me strength and on the way, my niece and I talked about everything that wasn't health related. 

Once inside I hopped on the step machine to warm up for eight minutes. I closed my eyes and with my headphones on with I synced my mind with beautiful lilting music. I could feel my muscles getting stronger and imagined myself down the road and thinking back on this period of my life as a bad dream. 

I zipped through the hour and a half in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Soon Jilda was at the front desk scheduling my therapy for next week.

On the way home, she took a detour through the Starbucks parking lot and bought me a mocha. Does that girl love me or what?

The phone was ringing as we walked through the door. After getting me safely sitting on the couch, she answered. It was her brother and his wife. They only live down the road but wanted to drop by for a moment. 

They came bearing gifts. They bought me a Crimson Tide ball cap, and cake. The frosting decorations read, "I Got A New Knee." I howled when I saw it. Of course, Jilda who is always thinking about blog graphics snapped a picture for me.

I appreciated their visit. He knows what it's like to have health issues. He had a stroke in January. Doctors recommend they put him in long-term care and notify hospice. His wife wasn't having any part of that. 

I'm taking him home where I can take care of him. She weighs about 75 pounds soaking wet. The doctors told her that would be unwise that she was in no condition to take do it. She said, "Watch me." 

They took him home and those first few days he couldn't move much. Home care doctors from Veterans said he would not be able to walk.  

Then he began moving a little. Then he helped him move his legs. She had him exercising relentlessly. Doctors were still pessimistic. But his condition continued to improve.

Today, he walked into our living room with the help of a cane. I asked him when he plans to start dance lessons. He said he was looking for an instructor.

Doctors are great. I would never minimize their work. Truth is, they are most often right when they talk to families about prognosis. But I think they should always leave room for hope. And pitbull wives that just will not give up.


  1. Celebrating with family who know what hard work is - the best.
    Hugs Rick and Jilda.

  2. Company and a cake! Just the thing to lift your spirits.

  3. LOVE that cake.
    And hooray for families who refuse to quit.

  4. As a graduate of three hospitals this summer I confer upon you a Degree Of Health, Happiness And Recuperation. Keep on the sunny side, Rick.

  5. Enjoyed the up beat entry. Love the cake, sweet things do happen with 'help'. Glad to hear progress,
    Sherry & jack

  6. Glad all is going good for you. You are definitely looking like one happy guy with that cake. Hope your BIL continues to do well too. You can't ever give up for sure !

  7. Hi Rick. Enjoy reading your frequent posts. Reading about your knee surgery makes me never want to have it done. Hope I can keep from doing it for several more years. ha haha Glad you are recovering. Susan

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Glad you & your brother-in-law are doing so well!!

  9. How wonderful to be loved, isn't it?

  10. Love is the best healer of all.

  11. The picture is great and love the story which just goes to show never mess with a woman who knows best

  12. You seem to be coping well with your exercise regime, it's hard work but has to be done. I had a TKR 5 yrs ago but broke my foot at my exercise class when I slipped on the non-slip mat!! All going well now but have rheumatoid arthritis so ache a lot, but my new knee is very strong. Life is good and you just have to get on with it and enjoy what you have. Love of family and friends is the best medicine.


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