Sunday, August 19, 2018

Mother Nature's work

There's a solar light that hasn't shined in a few years. It's almost hidden under the Jasmine vine by the front arbor. The Jasmine was a tiny vine when I first staked the solar light by the steps. It served nobly alighting the steps at night then bathing in the sunlight during the day to refresh the batteries.

Then, it stopped working. I kept meaning to order some replacement batteries but I never did. The jasmine continued growing and hid the light.

Today, I was out there sitting on the front steps watching the hummingbirds do battle for their sugar water. Looking down during a pause in the action, I saw the old solar light. Mother Nature turned the inside of the globe into a terrarium. 

Without any coaxing from humans, beautiful work is happening all around us.


  1. What an amazing find.
    Mother Nature is an incredible artist. Her galleries are spectacular too.

  2. Anonymous12:39 AM


  3. Another special feature for your garden!

  4. Natures works of art cannot be beat for sure !

  5. Nature shows us, time and again, how it can create beauty and take over what we built

  6. Nature always finds a way.

  7. What??? How cool is this? Well, I'm glad you had your camera handy!
    I have one of those lights in an area of my yard that sometimes it shines, sometimes it doesn't.


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