Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ol' Duke

Jilda and I had dogs when we lived at home but Ol' Duke was the first dog we owned after we married.
He was a long-hair Belgium shepherd and weight more than JIlda. The initial idea was that we'd keep him in the yard at the trailer where we lived. That lasted about 22 minutes.

I fixed him a bowl of food and another one for water, and he promptly followed me into the house. "Well, we'll only let him stay in long enough to pet. He stayed by our sides inside for the 12 years he lived. When he died, Jilda and cried like babies.

August is an anniversary of when he came to live with us in 1974.


  1. Jilda is one beautiful lady! Your dog looks happy and that is what counts and he is beautiful too.

  2. Ol' Duke and Jilda are both beautiful. And of course you wept when you lost him.
    I hope your pain is better today.

  3. What a lovely photo to share Rick.
    Day 1 is over, hope sleep brings some relief from pain. Physio/Therapy is hard work. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

  4. Great memories. And Jilda was a doll!

  5. I'm just saying AMEN to Birgit and Lisa above and hope the new wheel rolls right along and the pain is subsiding!

  6. No greater love … or grief.

  7. It is amazing how attached to our pets we become.


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