Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A gift

A thin veil of fog and low-hanging clouds burned off around 10 this morning and the bashful sun made an appearance.
My spirits lifted even though we were driving to the funeral of Jilda's cousin. After the ceremony, we had lunch and headed home.
I stepped to the deck and fell into my favorite deck chair to let the sun warm my face. I must have dozed for a few minutes because when I stood to go back inside, my face felt a little flushed. I didn't get sunburned, but had I stayed out a while longer I might have.
I did some work and a few hours later it was time to put corn out for the deer. When I came back into the yard, I noticed the setting sun highlighting the Babies Breath bush that stands against the south wall of the house.
I whipped out my phone and snapped this photograph. Soon the buttercups and yellow bells will follow. It's still a ways until spring, but I can tell you that in winter, days like today are a gift.


  1. It is just that...a gift! I look forward to seeing that in the Midwest! We've taken some time in California in the hope that when we return the snow will finally be gone!

  2. Halifax needs a few gifts like the day you had... it has been nothing but cold lately ;-)

  3. They are a promise that other good blooms are to come.


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