Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The gift of clouds

Another gift that life lays in your lap is clouds. At any given time day or night, you can look at
the sky and see a picture that no one has ever seen before and will never see again.
Even someone standing next to you will have a slightly different perspective.
The angle of light or shadow will differ slightly.
Tonight as I looked up at the sky, I saw the ribs of one half of a torso.
I snapped this picture as my battery ran down, so I stepped inside an plugged it in to charge for a while.
When I stepped back outside, the clouds had changed and the sun painted the horizon a color somewhere between rose and amber. It was simply stunning.
I looked at it for a long time, held an imaginary camera up to my eye and snapped a mental photograph.


  1. If only the mental pictures lasted as long as the ones taken with the camera.... Then again, the filter we use on our memories can be far richer than anything technology can give us; a trade-off, I guess.

  2. Wonderful image! Sky/cloud photos are quite beautiful; each one unique in its own way.

  3. I love your pictures, they are a beautiful take on the world :)

  4. Beautiful shot! Your ribs reminded me of a pic I took once and when I blogged about it I said the clouds looked like the large colon...I guess you'd have to be a surgery nurse to appreciate that!

  5. Incredible timing that I had just looked out the window enjoying the different shapes of clouds this evening. So many unusual shapes, changing even as I watch. Love your photo. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful picture...great imagery!

  7. What you said about clouds is pretty much true of life too isn't it? Love your photo!


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