Sunday, March 02, 2014

Odd year

I was coming up short tonight as I tried to think of a topic. I decided to flip through some older photos to see what I could find.
iPhoto does a good job of grouping pictures. I viewed them by date and I shot the photo below a few years ago on March 2.
That was a strange year here in Alabama. It warmed up early and these pear trees couldn't resist. The air was unstable to the point that each afternoon I found myself getting a little antsy.
The weather remained a little weird even for Alabama and then on April 27, one of the worst tornadic outbreaks in history ripped scars across our state that still haven't healed.
But this year has been much different. Like most other areas in the country, it's been COLD. We've had snowfall a number of times, and it's rained every few days.
This afternoon it was warm enough for me to sit on the back deck in shorts without a shirt (I know, that's probably and image you could have lived without.)
Tonight, the weatherman says we could have freezing rain by dawn. I'm weary of the cold, but I'll take it any day over angry winds.


  1. You seem to live in a great place to enjoy winter and summer .
    It's better than the city any time.

  2. To quote the old timers, we're still on top of the sod. But some warmth would be wonderful.

  3. Warmer weather...bring it on! We still have snow...lots of snow.

  4. Glad you are enjoying warmer is all snow here still ! Beautiful image!


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