Thursday, March 20, 2014

First of spring

Today is the first day of spring and it felt like it here today.  Jilda and I got busy after coffee and had a late breakfast.
After we ate, we stepped out to the back deck to sit in the sun for a moment. It felt warm on my skin and after what seems like weeks of chilly weather, the rays warmed my bones.
I feel a little badly writing about this considering all the snow and cold weather my friends to the north have gone through, but hopefully the sun will reach them soon.
I've done a great deal of soul searching these last few days. It seems the ideas I've had and shared aren't as good as I'd like them to be. When I start writing about something, it begins to feel tired and trite.
I've discarded more than I've written, but it seems I go through a slump from time to time. I should understand this, but I'm still troubled when my work seems as stale as a cracker left on the sink after a party.
I feel like a road trip might be in order. Maybe I can talk Jilda into taking a few days off and head for the hills or maybe we could make a long overdue visit to an old friend.
At any rate, a change in the weather is a good start.
Happy Spring.


  1. Happy Spring to you Rick... I am sure it will reach us eventually :) I am sure the ideas will come back before you know it... especially with a road trip :)

  2. May this spring bring you profound joy and happiness. Happy Spring!!!

  3. A road trip sounds like a beautiful plan....
    Whatever you and your Jilda decide to do, I know that you will love being together.
    I love the feel of the sun on my skin, too. Spring. You are so welcome! Thank you for being right on time!!

  4. Take a road trip and re-energize! It will be good for both of you. It's still on the chilly side here in the north, but don't fret because tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 60s...I hope so. Today we were in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and although it was sunny it was only in the low 40s. Still it was a beautiful first day of spring!

  5. With everything happening to you at the moment, you don't have to take a road trip to get an idea, life is all around you. Let Jilda rest. All those ideas are inside your head waiting for you to discover them. Don't beat yourself up. I'm just saying...

  6. Still waiting for spring here by me. As I look out of the window now, it is snowing!!
    Hope you get to take your road trip. : )


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