Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another exciting day in Watsonville

Jilda's car Ingrid is in the shop this week so we're down to one vehicle, and since she is still working she's been driving my truck.
I didn't have appointments or errands so it hasn't been an inconvenience but yet, it's been many years since I haven't had wheels at my disposal and it's felt a little odd this week.
Finishing my column for Sunday early left the afternoon open, so I spent the time cleaning out my shed. 
The last time our great nephew Jordan went in there, I heard him remark to his mom afterwards, "It was a mess in there." He nailed it. It's like a tornado got trapped inside and had its way with the interior.
Today my intention was to simply straighten up a little, but I wound up spending a few hours in there. I hauled two huge garbage bags full of junk out. I still have a ways to go, but it feels good to be able to enter there for a rake and not break a hip in the process.
Afterwards I took the plastic container and scooped it full of corn for the deer. Caillou always goes with me when I step down to the garden so once I dumped the corn out, I tossed the plastic container a few times to let him fetch it. He loves playing that game.
We then walked down to the barn and I snapped this photo of the trees which are still bare as a skeleton. 
The weatherman says we'll get frost tonight and I'm not sure how that will play with the blueberries and peaches which are in bloom. I have my fingers crossed that the wind will keep the frost off the blossoms.
All in all it's been another exciting day in Watsonville.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely and productive day...pretty picture :-)

  2. I always feel good when I tackle and clean out something. Congrats on your progress with your shed. I love the photo ~ You take awesome photographs!

  3. That is a beautiful photo! It sounds like it was a very productive day.

  4. For many years we only had one car. I walked to work every day...which explains why I was thinner back then! Sometimes being held captive at home helps get those not so fun tasks done. I'm glad we don't have blossoms on the trees yet. Zero degree temps and 4in of snow yesterday and today! If I'm saying that in June, I just may have to move to Alabama!

  5. Beautiful photo! Sounds like a day true living...up and about and getting things done. I love days like that. It's funny, but even with all else that I've done in my life, it's doing work at home and getting things done that always makes me feel so good and like I've truly accomplished something.

  6. Sounds like you made a good start on the shed.
    I just read in the paper that it wasn't good to feed corn to deer. It said it has no value as food and that deer have starved to death with a belly full of corn. Don't know how true that is but just thought I'd pass along what I read.

  7. Anonymous11:18 PM

    It's too soon after my surgery to drive, but HOW I MISS IT!!


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