Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday stuff

I woke up before dawn this morning to rain drumming on the roof. When we remodeled our house a few years ago, we added extra insulation in the ceiling and the sides.
Normally you can't hear a lot unless a noisy car drives by, lightning strikes close, or it rains really hard. So I knew we'd gotten a lot of rain.
When it was light enough to see outside, I stepped to the garden door and saw a small lake in the lower garden.
The cloud cover moved off to the east just after lunch and the afternoon sky was as blue as I've ever seen it.
Jilda's sisters came up this afternoon to bring gifts for her birthday which is next Sunday. Her older sister Nell loves gardening as much as we do, so our gifts from her are always things we enjoy.
She bought us a fruit cocktail tree, as well as several other fruit and nut trees. The fruit cocktail tree is supposed to bear apples, peaches and pears. I'd never heard of one before today, so I'll be reporting more on this later when we've had a chance to see what fruit it actually bears.
This evening before dark, I planted all the new trees Nell brought. Our yard has been a little sad since the storm swept through last March and blew down many of our trees.
But when you live in a place for a long time you experience the ebb and flow of the landscape. Some years things are spectacular and other years you feel you need to read your yard the last rights.
But I feel good about this spring. It hasn't heated up too quickly and we've had sun and rain. I'd love to ease into summer with no violent weather.
I shot this picture on the river last year at this time of year.


  1. I have never had a green thumb for growing anything but I do enjoy seeing other peoples gardens and trees.

    Beautiful picture Rick :)

  2. I've never heard of a fruit cocktail tree either. I'm looking forward to hearing what you get from it.

    I'm glad that Jilda got to spend some time with her sisters.

  3. A fruit cocktail tree? Sounds amazing! Hope all your new plants take and soon bear fruit!! Yay! Take care

  4. OMG - I need a fruit cocktail tree - how amazing - now I'm going to sound really old but really - what WILL they think of next LOL

  5. It's been pouring all day. Lake Junebug needed replenishing.


  6. I wish we could grow a fruit tree here. but other than apple, most don't do well from what I've seen, and then it's iffy when you aren't experienced at it. I do love going to the apple farms in the fall though to pick fresh apples.


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