Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sad content

Today I Google'd - where writers go when they're fresh out of ideas. I learned that a lot of writers are just like me. They've created some decent stuff, but there are times when an angry skunk creates better smelling stuff than what I'm writing. 
That's comforting to know, but it's not putting words on the page. 
Yesterday's post which ran in papers on Sunday, generated a ton of feedback via your comments, Facebook, emails from people across the southeast, and a grunt from my sister. I wrote that column from the seeds of something I wrote on this blog about a week ago, and I was so unsure about it, I almost didn't send it in.
I think I could get rich if I knew in advance what things resonate and what sits there like a fly on a canned biscuit.
Maybe if I were smarter, better, younger, and had more hair I'd know the answer to these questions and others, like the meaning of life, and how to attain world peace and true happiness.
Porch picture.


  1. Goodness. But from what the wise ones keep telling me, we must continue. Sure some days you will have nothing to write about and think you've already said it all, but then other days you can't get it down fast enough. That's what I am counting on anyway. Best of luck to ya Rick!

  2. To me, the days when I have nothing to say are the days when my mind is at rest. There is nothing wrong with that. As for being able to guess at what will resonate with readers, please let me know when you find that crystal ball; I could use it ;)

  3. Have you ever tried guided imagery? I used it with students when I taught composition I use it for myself when I want to go back in time to a memory and pick up more of the details. You can find articles on it on the internet. Perhaps it will help and take some of the stress off because the process, if done right, can be very relaxing! At any rate, relax and things will get back on track.

  4. I have hair, it doesn't help.

    Moody Writing

  5. After following your blog for a bit I think you have good grasp on many things...especially the true happiness part! Some of the smartest people I know are bald..all those ideas in the head must be hard on the hair follicles!


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