Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I read a quote by Jonathan Perelman that said, "Content may be king, but distribution is the queen and she wears the pants."
The quote struck me funny because it is so true. You can have the best idea on the planet, but if you can't deliver, it's wasted. Nothing happens until you do something. 
We went to the funeral home tonight to the visitation for one of Jilda's cousins who passed away earlier this week, and one of the folk in the back of the room recognized me. I stood for a moment to talk while Jilda approached the front to speak to the relatives. 
He said that he read my column each Sunday in the paper and went on to say, "I would give anything to write like you. I have some great stories that need to be told." 
I was flattered at the comment but when I asked him how often he writes, he admitted that he could rarely find the time to write. I wished him well, but as I walked away I thought about the Perelman quote above.


  1. Interesting quote!

  2. You have to put yourself out there, even if time is short and the risk of failure is large.

    Moody Writing

  3. That quote has a lot of truth to it. We have the time that we make - rather than the other way around. In my humble opinion :)

  4. I once worked for a company that made a part used in vending machines. To keep us around the vending machine company bought us. They were owned by the stove manufacturing company, Magic Chef. Then Maytag bought Magic Chef because Magic Chef owned Admiral refrigerators and Maytag didn't want to start manufacturing refrigerators from the ground up. Then Maytag bought Hoover because Hoover had a European distribution system. Finally Maytag had overreached and imploded. Whirlpool bought them. Distribution wears the pants.

  5. Great ideas will never find the light of day if we don't find way, big or small, to implement them. I'll never write a novel or anything like that but I do enjoy writing so I have my little blog to satisfy that urge and make sure that I do make time for it.

  6. Sweet sparrows, and spot on commentary!

  7. Very appropriate quote! :)


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