Sunday, March 30, 2014

Greening of Empire

Even though the temps are chilly at night, spring has arrived. I say that because the hundred year old oak trees at the barn that are as wise as Ben Franklin are greening.
Years of fickle winter weather has taught them to be patient.
This morning as we walked, the new leaves looked almost like moss on a wet rock. Soon the sun will bear down on the red clay and the days will be hotter than satan's poker, but the area near the barn under the canopy of the giant oaks will be a respite on our daily walks.
This afternoon we drove northward to the home of a friend and played a few songs for visiting dignitaries who are in town scouting locations for a future national conference.
My friend made the group a round of stiff mint juleps and they sipped while we played. Sometimes it's hard playing for people you don't know but this group of folks were gracious and seemed to enjoy our music.
I hope you soon see greening in your wise old trees too.
No particular reason I used this picture.


  1. I am sure we will have Spring soon, I am glad to see it showing itself to your part of the country... it is bound to happen here in the next couple of weeks :)

  2. Our greening is a little behind schedule here in Kentucky but we'll get there soon enough :)

  3. Cool picture.
    Not much greenery here yet. We had 4 more inches of snow yesterday.

  4. A rooster always deserves to be honored.

  5. I may be seeing anemones. That's exactly the same.

  6. The only thing green here is me....jealous that you have something getting leaves! Our oak is the last tree here to see green and the last one to lose those same leaves in the fall. Of course, we are surrounded by the pines that are forever green! We do have warmer temps this week. 62 on my car thermometer and tomorrow it's suppose to be 68! Finally!

  7. We're watching for it as the weather is finally getting better and more spring like!


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