Friday, March 21, 2014

Where ideas come from

I realized I've been so cranked lately that I hadn't taken the time to sip and read so I slipped on my shoes and stepped down to the mailbox to fetched the morning papers. It seemed like a good morning to read while we java'd up.
What's interesting is that two stories triggered unrelated thoughts which led to ideas for future columns. I've been whining like a wet baby about being in a slump, and then BAM. Two excellent ideas.
I think ideas are kind of like floaters in your eye. You can't really see them if you're TRYING to look at them, but when you relax they appear.
I've gotten ideas from watching movies, listening to music, and hearing snatches of conversation. But by far the most frequent idea generator is reading. I have a subscription to the Oxford American magazine that is basically about the south, but the articles are written by some of the best writers on the planet.
If you've never read one, I suggest you pick one up at a bookstore and give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
I'd be interested to know how you come up with ideas for blog entries or stories if you don't mind sharing.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.
Jilda and I performed last night at a benefit for two local animal shelters


  1. I have no idea. Sometimes I'm lucky, and life is a ball of fire. Other times I just start typing, and it just comes out. You seem like you do all righr - I always love what you write. It's cozy and familiar, like a favorite sweater.

  2. I write about my, food, etc., but unfortunately, I keep avoiding what I love writing about most...just stories that pop into my head from time to time. I guess I'm afraid they won't be good enough.

  3. How nice to perform for a good cause like the animal shelter! Hope it was a success and I think you're ideas are really good when I read your posts. My blog posts are just the ordinary day stuff..but it's my way to journal and that's OK for me! Have a good weekend~

  4. I also enjoy the New Yorker and the Atlantic for good reading. My blog ideas come from all over the place. My biggest problem is just putting the time into my blog - I've sort of let it subside these days.
    But I think you tricked us - you said you had nothing to write about -so you wrote about it! Ha! Maybe you even fooled yourself?

  5. My ideas come from things that are happening in my life, music and reading... lot's of things inspire me, as you know one of your posts really inspired me (actually many of them have)... I know about being in a slump, I usually know exactly what I want to write about but none of them were good... I took a break, relaxed and then it came to me :) I hope you had a great weekend too :)


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