Thursday, March 06, 2014

What's good?

What's good? Is this movie good? I love this side of town, is the food good?  I've heard a lot about this book. Is it good?
It's a question I get as well as one that I've asked many times. Is it good? When I recommend a book or movie or food, I'm recommending something that somehow managed to weave it's way through my prejudices, emotions, shepherded on by my affections, preferences, psychological meanderings, and political leanings. I can tell you, "that's a hard row to hoe" as my grandma used to say.
I can't tell you the times we've been told that something was good, but were sadly disappointed. We've clicked off movies, turned off songs, or tossed books in the Goodwill box because we thought whatever it was, was awful.
So what am I getting at here? Well, it's that no matter what it is you do, there is someone out there that things you are the cat's meow, and there are some that think you suck.
You know what? That's OK. You do suck, and you are good.
My advanced training in the military was in electronics and radio. One of the things I learned was that in order for the signal to be received, you had to have an antenna in the right place to receive it.
Your message (song, words, food, pictures) can't be received by poor antennas. That doesn't mean the signal is bad, it means the antenna is not properly grounded or in a place where your signal can be received....that's all.
So these days when someone gives me grief about something I create, the first question I ask is: "Are you properly grounded." Most people don't get it, but that's OK.

I shot this photo of a small sapling that broke in the wind last March
and is now the home of fungi. Is the picture good or does is suck?


  1. Good point, and I especially like the antenna analogy. When my children were young, the only thing I asked of them, when trying something new, was to give it a fair chance and try it keeping an open mind. My son, the adventurer, was much better at this than his sister, the skeptic, who approached everything new as if she was being tortured, but she would at least try. She was always surprised if she liked it. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Some people never try and ultimately, lose out on some great things in life for lack of imagination.

  2. Such good points here Rick. "Good" is a very relative term isn't it? I can't tell you how many times I have been disappointed after seeing a movie with glowing reviews, or pleasantly surprised after seeing a movie with negative reviews. How bout we all just make up our own minds!?

  3. I went to an awards ceremony last night and the speaker mentioned that we can get 10 positive and wonderful comments about what we do, or who we are..but one negative comment tends to make us focus on that..the negative. How does that song go? "We can't please everyone, so we've got to please ourselves?" Something like that! As far as the pic goes...the sapling might not be too pleased, the interesting spin you put on it makes it more than good! Have a "good" weekend!

  4. That's a pretty GOOD picture, Rick. I thought it was a take-off on your antenna theme!;>) xo Diana


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