Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nothing more

Our young friend Laken sent a note today suggesting that I listen to a new song by the Alternate
Routes. She doesn't recommend a lot and I've found through the years that she has great taste in music and anything she shares is worth a listen.
In a world that's wound tighter than a banjo string, this is a message that everyone should heed.
It's a little over three minutes long, but I promise it's time well spent.
The video is good too.
The title of the song is Nothing More.


  1. Great song...great message as well!

  2. wow amazing song and the video too. Sometimes music transcends everything

  3. These words are very beautiful Rick, thank you for sharing :)

  4. Wow- There are some things that really move you and bring you close to tears just for the sheer beauty of it all.....Laken has great taste! xo Diana


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