Sunday, March 30, 2014


The songwriter workshop we attended this evening was exceptional. Kevin Welch is not only an incredible songwriter and performer, but also a good teacher.
Jilda and I've been to a lot of workshops through the years. Some of them were great, but many were a waste of our time.
It takes a special person, with a command of the language and the ability to relate abstract ideas in a way that you can understand. Kevin is one of those teachers.
We got home late and we're both running out of steam, but I have a notebook full of new ideas to ponder and assimilate.
I hope you all have a remarkable Sunday.


  1. Workshops are wonderful when they have you walking away motivated and inspired to do more and to try something new! Love that feeling!

  2. A successful evening like that is certainly worth giving up your "steam" for :)

  3. Having participated in many teacher workshops, there are almost none that I can recall as having relevance in my life. It is truly a gift to find someone like Kevin Welch to bring a workshop to life.


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