Friday, March 28, 2014

The city

I had a meeting in Birmingham today. Jilda had to work so I had some time to kill. After my meeting, I pulled out my trusty iPhone and asked it for directions to the nearest coffee house. I was in the mood for a hot mocha. As it turns out, there was a Starbucks about three hundred feet from where I stood.
I paid for my mocha and when they called my name, I collected my drink and stepped out to the tables on the sidewalk to sip the java and soak in the ambiance of the city.
Five Point South is a vibrant area of Birmingham. I sat there a long time enjoying the energy. There were the usual city sounds....metro buses and the honking of impatient horns, but I also heard the cooing of pigeons jockeying for bits of food dropped from sidewalk tables. I also heard the sound of the guitar of a street musician. He was singing his heart out for everyone and no one. His guitar case served double duty as his tip jar.
On the way back to the truck, I passed some young panhandlers. "Hey man, can you spare some change? We're on our way to Mobile." It was two young men around 20 and a woman that could have been a model.
I fished $2 from my pocket and handed it to one of the guys and told them to travel safe. I hope they used the money toward a hot meal, but it's hard to say.
I love the solace of our small farm and the peace it affords, but every now and then you need to reconnect with the city to recharge your batteries.


  1. I like how you see and hear things others do not :-)

  2. Nice, I have a son who uses Starbucks to recharge.... When he is with us, we always end up at a starbucks. Nice entry, sorta laid back. I like that...

  3. You are a good and kind man Rick Watson. Yes you are.

  4. Sounds like a great trip to the city...nice picture! Love Starbucks for a quick break!

  5. Anonymous2:23 PM

    You're obviously someone who knows how to accept all that life has to give--so many do not!!

  6. " need to reconnect with the city to recharge your batteries." So very true.

  7. I also always give knowing they take me for a sucker.
    So many bad liars in this world but I think, who knows. ... maybe one of them , I help. It's worth it if you can help just one amongst all the thieves and liars and scammers.This they will answer for themselves.
    God knows how many times we have been scammed in life.
    The law is not on your side.
    The guilty know the law and how to go around it leaving the innocent to hold the bag.
    When I was growing up we grew with God. I saw no reason to have to speak for him but today I see a real need. I see so many lost people.
    It is not very nice to see. I think in spite of everything the 10 Commandments have the answer. Forget religion. Religion sucks.
    Don't give it a name so it falls under another title. Doing the right thing.
    This is what counts.

  8. Oh, yes, Rick. There is something so energizing about the city. I was just staying at the hospital with my daughter and her new baby. We were there 5 days and I spent the nights there also. I slept by a window and could see and hear the traffic from the busy downtown area where the hospital is located. I told my daughter- I could easily adapt to the city if I had to-even though we live out on the edge of the city limits. xo Diana

  9. I grew up in the city and still love it but I do enjoy a quiet walk in the woods and the slowness of the country life.

  10. I worked for 25 years in and around London and grew to hate it. I love going there now! Interested to hear that Starbucks do that naff name thing over there - I don't particularly like their coffee (Costa and Cafe Nero are stronger) but when forced through nothing better to visit I'm usually someone else. Last month it was Susan.


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