Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fifty Years Ago

It was treatment day for Jilda so we spent the day at the clinic. My brain is fairly numb and I was unsure what I'd write about until I flipped through a magazine that pointed out something that caught my eye.
March 1964 was a banner month for TV.  Debuting 50 years ago this month were The Adams Family, Flipper, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Bewitched, Gomer Pyle, Peyton Place, and while I'm on the topic of lust, another show that started airing was Ginger. OK, some people chose to call it Gilligan’s Island, but my eyes were glued to Ginger who was shipwrecked on the Island with Gilligan, the captain, the professor, Mary Ann, and the Howells. Television at it’s best. 
Those old shows were classic, and pure gold to people born in the 50s and early 60s.
That’s why many of them have been in syndication somewhere on the planet for years.
I’m guessing most kids today think those days are hokey and maybe they were, but those things captured my imagination. 
This has nothing to do with TV,
but our blueberries did start blooming today


  1. What great memories this post brought back! Those were great times. We didn't have many channels back then, but we truly enjoyed what we had!

  2. I loved Gilligan's Island as a kid (Bewitched too) - in the seventies so I guess they were in syndication at that point. That is a beautiful picture; who cares if it has nothing to do with TV!

  3. Oh I loved Gomer . Today they make movies killing imagination. Walt Disney built imagination . Movies were about things that mattered. Feelings, hard ships, love, romance pain suffering laughter. You could dig in and relate. Today you just need a small vocabulary of 4 words and the movies are based on them. The population grows up uncaring, rude, violent. They think this is freedom but actually for true freedom to exist, there have to be limits.

  4. I hope your blueberries don't have any frost either... we apparently are getting more snow, I am not happy... Wow, I watch a few of those hokey shows... it has been a few years but I used to love watching them too...

    Thank you for your comment, I think we are all judgmental to a degree, I try not to hold onto that though... and for a very close friend, I know I would work harder not to judge them :) Have a great Friday and here is to some good weather :)


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