Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New addition

We planted a camellia bush a few days before the temps dropped into single digits last month. When it warmed up enough to go out and check things out, the leaves a buds looked bitten and sad. I didn't write it off, but I had low hopes for it.
As it turns out, it survived and the warm weather this week coaxed the buds out, and they're beginning to bloom. It will be a beautiful addition to our yard.
The column I wrote yesterday for next Sunday is about our yard. You won't see a beautification award by the drive, but it suits us.
I'm running on empty tonight. I'll do better tomorrow.


  1. Dear Rick, last week, when the weather got much warmer, I put two poinsettias that have been in my home for several years. Then on Saturday night while I slept, the temperature plummeted and a dusting of snow fell. When I woke Sunday morning the first thing I did was to bring both plants back inside. And wonder of wonders, the red blossoms remain. Nature is so renewing. Peace.

  2. The most beautiful of things can be the toughest. Enjoy your blooms :)

  3. Looks beautiful to me!


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