Saturday, July 02, 2016

Delightful Gift Card

I got a note in the mail yesterday from our friend Denise. We hadn't seen her in years and we had a delightful time catching up last weekend when she came to visit us from Colorado. Jilda pulled out her A-List Recipes and we ate incredible meals.

She is an old school letter writer. She still writes letters and sends them through U.S. mail. How long has it been since you've gotten a letter from a friend?

We've become so used to Facebook messages and email that the art of letter writing is becoming a lost art.

While Denise was here, she wanted to learn more about blogging. I taught her how to access Blogger and how to post pictures, put a few widgets on her blog, and she was set. She posted twice before she left here.

When we picked her up at the airport the first day, I stopped by Starbucks and got a hot coffee drink. Apparently like all good writers, she doesn't miss a thing because the note I got from her yesterday had a gift card for Starbucks. 

Today we had to drive to Birmingham to pick up Jilda's contacts and on the way home we swung through Starbucks and bought a couple coffee drinks. Jilda snapped some pictures for my blog tonight. Thanks, Denise.


  1. What a great friend! You are right. Letter writing is becoming extinct but its so fun to get a letter in the mail thats not a bill.

  2. It is a happy continuation of the story. By the way Denise has a great site.

  3. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Tell her I love her blog, too!!

  4. A good observant friend! She has a nice blog too! I had sent a newspaper article to my brother along with a short note via snail mail. He thanked me for the article but was most excited about receiving a real letter. It's fun to get something other than bills or junk mail! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  5. Greetings, that was sweet of your friend to send you a gift card for a coffee as life is to short for a bad cup of coffee! I loved the post on the flag and you are so right! I have taken off comments on my blog and it is kind of weird, but I am giving it a shot to see if it allows me to just post and write! Happy 4th of July to you both! I have apprciated your comments and input!
    Always, Roxy


  6. save for Rick's blog:
    I had to smile reading Lisa's comment, and just wanted to say AMEN!
    SWEET on the card, Starbucks does have great coffee.

    And yes y'all do have a neat friend.

  7. That was really nice!!!


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