Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fun Sunday

Jilda and I have been walking early to beat the heat these last few weeks. As we made ready this morning, the dogs were yipping and wrestling and vying for position to see which one could get out the door first.

Jilda said I need to throw something in the oven before we set out, so I took the dogs and waited outside for a few moments.

Soon she followed and we had a nice contemplative walk. Most of our path meanders through a canopy of oak, hickory, and much shorter shrubs. Every so often, I have to take the pruners and clip the limbs back to keep them from reclaiming their space. And, I always carry a walking stick this time of year because of a seasonal hazard. It seems that spiders love to weave webs across the open space of the path. Apparently moths, bees, and other flying insects use the path in the evenings and at night. 

There's nothing quite like being in a zen walking state thinking about life and your higher purpose...and then walking face-first into a spider web. There were times when I'd get a spider as big as a quail (or so it seemed) on my head. Talk about speaking in tongues.

So, now I use a walking stick and I constantly wave it in front of me to knock down web BEFORE they are in my face.

Today was uneventful, and afterward when we walked inside it smelled like heaven. What Jilda had popped into the oven while we walked was her world famous pound cake. 

When she flipped it out of the bundt cake pan, I snapped a picture. She sliced a slither for each of us to eat while it was piping hot. Yum!

We enjoyed fresh vegetables from our garden for breakfast and for dinner. There is no better time for truly fresh veggies.  

I hope your Sunday was as good as ours.


  1. Spider in face bad; pound cake good.

    1. Anonymous7:13 PM

      You speak the truth!!

  2. Man I love it when a Southern Woman Throws something in the oven!!
    I think pound cake does have a heavenly smell.

  3. Jilda looks like a professional chef. Great picture.

  4. That cake looks sooooo good! I would be screaming like a banshee if I ran into a spider's web and a spider was on me...yuck

  5. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but gosh I laughed aloud at your man-v-spider encounter.
    Love the black and white effect.

  6. It was a lovely morning.

  7. Ah that good ole' southern cookin' :)

  8. Walking sticks are very useful. I have one I like to take along too. It is becoming spider time. I noticed some out on the porch. Great picture and I sure the cake was pretty good too!

  9. I would have died right there on the path.

  10. I want a piece of that cake!! I don't think I would like all those spiders! LOL!

  11. Your Sunday sounds nice and who doesn't like cake, Tim that is who, just so you know


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