Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The rain came

The rain came today. Our garden was dry down deep and I feared our it would suffer.  But the weatherman promised we'd get some wet stuff. 

Caillou heard it coming early this morning and came to the edge of my bed to nuzzle my hand.

He can hear thunder from miles away, long before it's audible to humans. He's not a fan of thunder and this morning he seemed to be saying, "Could you make this stop please so we  can sleep?"

Blazing star showing its appreciation for the rain
It was almost time to get up and make coffee, so I rolled out of bed. Stumbling into the kitchen, I punched the brew button on the Kitchen Aid before stepping to the garden door. Off in the distance, I could see shards of lightening to the west. 

As I stood there, the wind made the citrus tree limbs dance on our back deck. And then the rain began...slowly at first but then after a few moments, the rain ticking on the metal roof sounded like someone typing a letter on a manual typewriter. It was like music to my ears.

It rained on and off throughout the day. This evening when I walked to the garden, several of the tomato cages had blown over. Lifting them gently, I drove support sticks through the cages to help keep them standing. 

You could almost hear the plants rejoicing.


  1. The red in your picture is incredible.

  2. You must have sent the rain on over we too got some much needed rain. I liked seeing the citrus limbs dancing in the wind.
    What is not to like about that beautiful RED!

  3. I wish it would just pour here and for a full day because it is dry and our lawn and plants are very sad. I love your picture

  4. Look at how vivid the colors are after a good rain.

  5. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Plants can get SO thirsty!!

  6. Love a good rain when I've got nothing planned.

  7. You describe the onset of rain so succinctly and beautifully, I enjoyed reading this post over several times. Nicely done!

  8. We finally got rain yesterday too. I love a thunder storm.....and brewed coffee.

  9. A summer rain is a blessing. We need it here...hopefully we'll get some soon.

  10. We are often in drought here and I welcome rain whenever it falls. Love the scent of rain-washed air too. And I am certain that plants rejoice.

  11. When it thunders during the night, I feel poor little Penelope trembling as she presses herself against my back. Franklin always comes to the side of the bed to life my arm and place my hand on his head. We've had a few big storms, but so far, this summer is unusually hot and dry.


  12. We had a touch of the wet stuff on my way home this afternoon but we need more! I'm hoping for an all day soak tomorrow! Did I read this quote here? "Water makes the plants live but rain makes them thrive." Anyway, it's true because I think I heard my grass sigh! Take care!


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