Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Last night I dreamed it snowed. In the dream, I walked barefoot onto the deck. The snow squeaked and crunched under my feet as I walked to the edge to get a better look at the yard.

In the dream, it was early morning and the cardinals frenzied between hedge and huckleberry looking for a few bites before all food was hidden by the snow. The only time one can hear the silence is when it snows. It's almost like a distant whisper that you're not quite sure you heard.

Sometimes dreams are snatches of imagery like a film that's been cut and pasted back together randomly, but this dream had continuity and seemed to last for hours.

But through my sleepy eyelids, I could sense the morning light seeping around the blinds.  I didn't want to wake from the "snowdream."

After breakfast, I loaded the truck for a workshop at lunch. By the time the cooler was on the tailgate, my shirt was damp.

Clicking the seatbelt into the buckle, I leaned forward to look at the sky and said to no one in particular,  "What I wouldn't give for a little bit of snow right now."

Snow picture from a few years ago.


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Yet another beautiful photo!!

  2. Love the photo...really captures the beauty of a winter day. I know we'll be seeing snow all too soon and this heat wave will just be a memory for me to dream about when it's 20de outside!

  3. Okay, Imma liking this story, and want some snow. LOL, Also I see my account below and I can comment from this server without copying and pasting. Imma liking it all. Tomorrow I will drive over and check the mail, I should have my book. Looking forward to reading'Life Goes On'.

  4. AW rite, it did post! ;-)

  5. Beautifully written, Rick...dreams always fascinate me.

  6. Having shoveled a lot of snow in my life, I still prefer summer to winter. It is lovely to look at though.

  7. Sort of nice reading about snow while temps are soaring here in the 90's! We rarely see snow even in the dead of Winter. One can only dream of it here.

  8. Oh this post is like a wonderful dream and that snow picture looks so peaceful and inviting.

  9. I'm not ready for snow, but then I'm not getting the heat that you are.

  10. I never thought about it before but there is a special quality to the silence that comes with snow. You make me long for the distinct smell and sound that comes with a big snow storm.

  11. I like the sound of this dream but barefoot would result in cold feet.

  12. You paint great pictures with your words.

    My words usually draw stick figures.


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