Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer storms

This afternoon as I was sitting at the table writing my column for Sunday, I noticed out the window that the wind had begun to blow and I could almost feel the pressure changing.

The next thing I knew, I had a 100-pound collie lying under the table on my foot. I leaned down almost touching my chin to the keyboard and scratched him reassuringly behind the ear. "It's OK boy, that storms not going to get you."  He looked up with eyes that said, "You don't know that for sure." 

A few minutes later I heard thunder slam and the lights blinked out. In the office, I could hear the UPS on my computer beeping like and home alarm about to call the PoPo. "SHUT IT DOWN NOW, BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR DATA!"  it seemed to be screaming.

Apparently, power company's switches did their thing and a moment later the power came back on.

Just then a wind gust slammed against the side of the house and blew several of our citrus trees over on the back deck, but just as quickly it was off knocking someone else's plants over.  

That's what summer storms do. They come in, menace your pets, knock over your plants, water your garden and then skip off to the east like a mischevious child.

I had to reboot my modem and WiFi router to get a signal for this update. 

The upside is, it gave me a topic for tonight's post.


  1. for Rick's blog:
    I love conversations with pets. Especially the interpretations, using only their eyes and body English. I give credit where credit is due! I appreciate any help I can get for a post! ;-)

  2. Ya gotta get those topics anywhere you can. Storms never bothered my black lab, guess because labs are gun dogs.

  3. I had a dog once who would pee on the floor every time it stormed :) poor little feller.

  4. I like it. Not planned, not rehursed, just a right at the moment post. The dogs next door bark for hours during the storm. But of course they bark at butterflies too.

  5. Just thinking how the storms in life hit us hard and fast just like your summer storm did. Wish I could reboot my life as quickly as you did with your computer.

  6. A good writer can write about anything, and you are an exceptional writer and I look forward to what you'll write about this incident.

  7. This has been quite a year for violent storms. I love a nice thunder storm every now and then but this year they have completely gotten out of hand.

  8. I wonder if I'll ever out-grow my fear of the type of storms y'all experience. Son, who lives near Montgomery, once had a twister come through their back yard (while they huddled in the bathtub with baby Sarah). He just says you have to adopt an "oh well" philosophy ... or make yourself crazy with worry.

    Do y'all have a storm cellar; or, is that impractical?

  9. Summer storms are like that!


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