Monday, July 18, 2016

Meet Hook

I’m afraid we have a new dog. As always, we didn’t go looking, but this past week when temps were toying with the high end of the thermometer with humidity that made it feel hotter than the Devil with a mouthful of habaneros, I looked out the window and saw a scrawny white bulldog looking in through the glass.

His tongue was dangling out one side of his mouth, and he was going around to the water
containers in the front yard looking for water. Jilda had her shoes on, so she quickly stepped outside and filled all the containers with cool water from the hose. The critter looked at her with thankful eyes.

We thought at first that he belonged to someone down the road, and perhaps he ran out of water at home. But he didn’t leave. He was so thin I could trace the outline of his ribs with my finger, so I poured a small scoop of dog food in a bowl and placed it under the water oak at the end of our walkway.

Later that evening, our great nephew Jordan walked over to howdy up with us. The dog, which is ghost white with a black patch over his right eye, ran to greet him as he walked up the hill. We sat down on the front steps and he began petting the bulldog. “He looks like a pirate,” Jordan observed. The dog laid his head in Jordan’s lap to facilitate the petting process. “What should we name him?” he asked as he petted.

I told him quickly that he wasn’t our dog. “What should we name him?” Jordan persisted. “We could call him Patch,” he suggested. I paused for a while before saying, “Why don’t we call him Hook?” “Yes. That’s perfect because he reminds me of Captain Hook,” he said as he petted.

I did some investigation, hoping to find the dog’s owner, but no one knew anything about him.

We discovered that Hook was deaf and I got a sinking feeling that he wasn’t a lost dog at all but an abandoned dog, or one that someone dumped at our house. After all, who wants a deaf bulldog that is full of fleas and has a touch of mange?

It’s a sad tale that’s told too often. Animal shelters have their hands full trying to place abandoned dogs. Often the critters are euthanized because no one steps forward to take ownership. It makes me sad to think someone would discard one of the most loving and loyal creatures on the planet as if it were a piece of garbage.

Jilda began feeding Hook, giving him medicine for heartworm, fleas and ticks. But we have two other dogs to consider. Neither of these purebred dogs is warming up to Hook, but he seems to understand that his future depends on finding his place in the pecking order.

I thought at first that with him being deaf, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with him, but he watches our every move and responds to hand signals. The other night he was barking at someone walking down the road in front of our house. When I stepped onto the front porch, I guess he sensed the movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked at me, and I pointed to the screen porch. He immediately ran back onto the porch and laid down.

The next step is to take Hook to the vet to see if he has any serious health issues, but it’s looking more and more like we’re getting a new critter. I guess you could say we’ve been Hook(ed.)


  1. What happened to the other dog (s) that found you?

    I think Hook will be a great addition.

    1. We found a foster home for them. I take them today.

  2. Didn't you have another dog that found you??? Regardless, I think you are both amazing for taking in a dog that needs wrath, love and place to call home. This has warmed my heart immensely.

    1. All our dogs are rescue dogs. We prefer not to buy dogs, we just wait to see what the universe sends us.

  3. Hook is a great name for him Rick... I think it's sad when people leave their animals to fend for themselves too xox

  4. God love ya for taking in this sweet guy. I know it's expensive and time consuming to have another dog. I think this one will give so much more love than he's ever been given. I hope there aren't any major health issues. Good luck Hook, you've found a great home!

  5. Looks like Hook won the lottery. You guys are so easy. I can say that when the pup isn't looking at me. Good luck. A dog pays so much in love!

  6. Aww, I hope Hook passes his finals!

  7. You have been Hook(ed)!! I know some-one here who has a deaf bulldog and they have trained him from a pup with hand signals. It seems Hook might have already been well trained as he seems to respond well to your hand signals.


  8. This makes me very happy; happy that this beautiful animal landed a good home.

  9. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Wishing you & Hook a long & happy life together!!!

  10. I think his name fits him for more reasons than one! ha. You are a great person to take in this lost pet. Hope he brings you joy. Cant wait to see his health progress as you fatten him up.

  11. I hope Hook passes his test and becomes a family member, or that you find him a good home, although I can't imagine a better home than yours.

  12. Now you are a three dog family. Hook is a beaut.


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