Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I won't be celebrating National Nude Day

Tomorrow is one of those weird holidays that I won't be celebrating. July 14th is National Nude Day. The last time I looked in a full-length mirror after a shower, I saw nothing to celebrate. 

In the band Jilda and I used to play with, our bandmate did the song written by Sheb Wolley entitled, "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore."  

I wasn't wild about doing cover songs mainly novelty cover songs, but after we had played this song in a few shows, this one took on a life of its own.

Back when I was a kid, I often shed my shorts on hot summer days and hit the icy waters of Horse Creek which ran nearby my house.  But there weren't any girls around then. 

I'm sure if there were, they would have been impressed by my manly physique. In truth, 

I was skinnier than one of those models in Vogue Magazine that looks as if they are strung out on heroin...but I digress.

The words to the old song we used to do are hitting home these days, and that's why I won't be celebrating National Nude Day.

Below are the lyrics of the song written by Sheb Wooley / Dick Feller.

I stepped outta the shower and I gotta good look at myself
Pot belly, bald head, man, I thought I was somebody else
I caught my reflection in the mirror on the back of my bathroom door
I just don't look good naked anymore

So, I'm goin' upstairs and turn the bedroom mirror to the wall
I hung it there when I was trim and tall
I'd stand there and smile, and strut and flex until my arms got sore
But I just don't look good naked anymore

Well, I used to go out with the girls
I loved them one and all
Now they don't get very close to me
They're afraid that I might fall

Well, I went to the Doctor for my annual medical exam
Stood there in the buff, suddenly he said "MAN"
I said "What is it Doc, some fatal disease, I just gotta know the
He said "No, you just don't look good naked anymore

Well, me and my wife had a dance routine
Everybody said it was unique
Now it's only when we're back to back
That we're dancing cheek to cheek

Well, I went to a nudie beech to have some seaside fun
Stretched out in my birthday suit, soakin' up the sun
Somebody yelled, "Hey, there's an old white whale washed up on the
I just don't look good naked anymore

Yeah, my arches fell, my chest went to hell
And my butt's a-draggin' the floor
An' I just don't look good naked anymore
No, I just don't look good naked anymore


  1. Ha! Time is a brutal taskmaster.

  2. Mrs. C keeps trying to get me to go to the nudie beach...I'm waiting for hell to freeze over.

  3. Sheb Wooley has a decidedly warped way of viewing life. Being a lover of silly songs I have long loved his lyrics.

  4. Haha Rick, honestly I don't think I ever looked good nude and I won't be celebrating national nude day... xox

  5. I will be joining you in the non celebration lol.

  6. Very enjoyable post! I'll be celebrating Nude Day in the shower.

  7. Rick's blog: Okay you made me laugh! THANKS. On the trail hiking there is a Nude hiking day. we never observed and never did see anyone that did. I agree with Sheb's song!
    Good 'un!

  8. Anonymous1:56 AM

    I too will be joining you in the non celebrating list.

  9. Yea, lets dont go there.

  10. Well, one less holiday to buy decorations for! Yep, I think I'll pass on this day too! Made me smile Rick! Thanks!

  11. Too funny! Just let it all hang out! Think I'll skip this one.


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