Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Starting out well

We arose even earlier this morning because Jilda was teaching a 7 a.m. class to her colleagues.  After coffee, she headed out to work and I grabbed my laptop en route to the screened porch. I love writing out there early mornings.

A shower later yesterday afternoon cooled things off and seemed to make the foliage even more verdant.  The ceiling fan whispered overhead making the air feel cool on my bare arms.

The words flowed and I completed Sunday's column within half an hour. I jumped right on another story assignment that was due next week. I'd done the interviews and taken the pictures so I had to simply put it together. It too was finished quickly.

When Jilda got back home just after 8 a.m. I was feeling a little smug.

Neither of us had eaten so she whipped up a ham, egg, cheese, red bell pepper, and mushroom frittata. Yummy.

You could say my day started out well. I hope yours was good as well.
The sky the past Monday evening as we drove home from yoga.


  1. Its nice when a post writes itself.

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Your photo looks like God was doing yoga!!

  3. Jilda does a good job of spoiling you. ( I know you return the favor.)

  4. The sky picture is amazing! Unbelievable colours! In my arsenal of superstitions a red sky means storms or (God Forbid) wars are approaching the area.

  5. Beautiful sky zoom. I always find comfort in sitting alone outside while the air is still light and nature is singing. It seems to just put me in a place. But seldom do I get that chance. Ha. The dogs next door bark at me the whole time.

  6. That does sound like a wonderful beginning for your day. I used to have to be at work at 7 every morning. Now I'm retired and am still up early most days but never working.

  7. I wish more of my mornings were as productive as the one you describe.

  8. My day started well because I had sweet Penelope in bed to give me a kiss, and Franklin was at the side of the bed to nudge my hand and tell me to wake up because doggies wanted out.


  9. Beautiful sky! I love a good sunset! Our weather is going to be much warmer than usual but I'm really hoping for some rain. My grass and the farmers would shout with joy if some happens to flow our way!


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