Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Magical Day

This morning was magical. Normally Jilda has an early morning yoga class she teaches and I spend the time alone writing my newspaper column for the following Sunday. But today was different.

One of Jilda's friend lives near Muscle Shoals. She works with bands and musicians in the area. She
knows EVERYONE.  She sent Jilda a message on Facebook about an unadvertised event at Counts Brother's Music Store in Muscle Shoals. We decided to blow off our normal schedule and drive up.

If you lived through the 60s and 70s, Muscle Shoals is important to you whether you realize it or not.

Musicians from around the world came to this small town in north Alabama to record. Bob Dylan, Clarence Carter, Percy Sledge, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Picket, and Paul Simon to name a few.

The sound created by the musicians and producers in that area is woven into the soul of popular music recorded during that time.

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones wrote the song Wild Horses while lying on the floor of the studio in Muscle Shoals.

This morning we arrived 30 minutes early to get a good seat because even though the event wasn't publicised, we knew word would spread. And it did. By 10:30 the place was packed.

The only two playing was Christine Olhman (the Bee Hive Queen from Saturday Night Live's band) and Kelvin Holly. Kelvin played with Little Richard, Neil Young, and many others.

The show was the two of them sitting on stools within arms distance of the audience. They played songs and told stories for almost two hours.

We've been buzzing all afternoon.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful event.

  2. That's an interesting slice of history, indeed! Aw, Mick ...
    Truth be told, I never heard of Muscle Shoals before Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    Neat happenstance!

  3. I would have loved that.

  4. Sounds like you two had a wonderful day full of fun. Wow thats really cool about all the fame history of this place.

  5. How fun to go and enjoy things that are your passion! Glad you had a good time and thanks for the history lesson...I never heard of Muscle Shoals. Now I almost feel cool! Take care you two!

  6. oh my heart!!!! thank you for sharing - just knowing about this lifts my heart.

  7. Hey, no doubt you guys had a ball. It must be a musicians dream to be where the names you listed recorded. Good on you!

    Made a mail run today, I now have Life Goes On, lying on the kitchen table. Looking forward to do more than the breeze look I always give a new book. I liked what I saw. I will start it tomorrow if Sherry doesn't get it first!

  8. I would have loved an impromptu event like that. Sometimes it is good to just drop the schedule and see how the day unfolds

  9. Oh and I bought the Kindle version of your book. Ive read some and so far like it but Im gonna "try" and hold off so I can read it on the beach NEXT weekend.

  10. Anonymous12:18 PM

    How I wish I had been there with you!!

  11. 'Muscle Shoals' sounds quite a name and quite a place.
    Judging by the picture in your post,the two artists are full of charisma and talent. I'm sure they created magic there.


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