Friday, July 29, 2016

Nothing on the calendar

Today felt almost like a Saturday. We had no agenda, nothing pressing that had to happen. So we sat in the living room and sipped coffee until the sun came up.

The temperature dropped dramatically over these last few days. And when we "shoe'd" up for our morning walk, it was still in the 70s.

The angle of light is changing, and I saw color in the sumac and buckeye bushes. I snapped a few pictures, but the light wasn't right so the colors were unremarkable.

We stopped at the back gate to survey the garden. It's been much too hot to do much garden work and it's showing.

 Standing there making a mental list of what needs to be done, Jilda tapped me on the shoulder and pointed.

A black swallowtail with bright orange spots was flitting and feeding on the mint blossoms. The blossoms actually look like pussy willow. Apparently, the swallowtail was enjoying the treat because as the wings waved in slow motion the quivered a little.

Usually, butterflies are shy and I find it hard to get close enough to shoot a picture without a zoom lens, but this baby was "in the zone." because I think I could have cupped my fingers and caught it. I snapped away within inches with the iPhone and it just quaked.

That set the tone for the day. Sometimes it's good to have a day with nothing on the calendar.

Butterfly on mint in sepia tone.


  1. I can remember when it was nice to have 'nothin' on the calendar. I love butterflies and I like the different 'filters' (?) you use to display the shots. I am enjoying the book!

  2. Oh by the way, the 'gold dollars' are a spin off of the Susan B Anthony, the dollar that looked like the quarter. Some one thought if they gave some gold color to a dollar coin, that would do it. But it did not get any more into circulation. Millions made and in storage. I'm trying to get them in kids banks, LOL.
    Good post here tonight besides!

  3. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around sipping coffee or doing anything BEFORE the sun is up. I am not a morning people...fact is I'm not much good until noon.

    Can I find you book on an on-line store?

    1. I see it on kindle, I have a Nook.

  4. Nice photo of the butterfly. Last year I had a lot of different butterflies on my butterfly bush but not many this year.

  5. Nice picture. Butterflies usually are shy, which was why I was so surprised when one landed on my face in Key West.

  6. Another butterfly and this one just tells you to enjoy life. Enjoy your weekend and hoping it is restful and serene. I love the black and white picture

  7. Wonderful Picture of the butterfly ! They are hard to catch. Glad you got a break, both in nothing on the calendar and some cooler weather.

  8. Wow Rick, I love the butterfly picture... I rarely see them in the city but love when I do... xox


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