Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Watching the sky

Jilda has an early class on Wednesday so we were up at 5 a.m. I punched the brew button and went into the office to get my phone and iPad so that I could check my email while waiting for the java to perk.

Just then I got a notification on my phone saying the International Space Station would be passing nearby at 5:18.

The deck was still a little wet from the rain yesterday evening, but I sat on the steps anyhow.
I watched the space station approaching on the ISS app on my phone. But a thin layer of clouds was just thick enough to obscure the view. Oh well, it will be in range for the next several day. 

I did manage to get a good picture of the morning clouds a while later. I hope your Wednesday has been a good one.


  1. Beautiful picture of the sky with the sun peeping through the clouds.

  2. So that's what 5 am looks like.

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      The only way I'd recognize it is by photos!!

  3. In summer, there are a lot of fires in my country. So, before reading your description, what I saw in the picture was grey smoke and orange fire tongs.

  4. What app would be needed to see the International Space Station fly above? I check the JPL and NASA sites, as well as other space sites online, but how handy to have it in my hand.

    1. Hey Susan, It doesn't require an app to see it, just to tell you when it will be flying nearby.
      The one I have is the free ISS Spotter. The space station is easy to see with the naked eye after dusk. At first it looks like a plane, but it's one bright light that moves across the sky really fast. I think if flies 350 miles a minute so it's usually only visible for a few minutes.
      The trick is looking at the app and map so you know where to look in the sky to see it.

  5. Morning is my favorite time of day and I love that cloud picture.

  6. When we were stationed in Missouri, open land, open sky, satellites were just being launched, it was fun for us hicks to lie in the evenings for cheap entertainment (cheap to us) watching 'for them'. It would be nice to know when something was passing over head. Then it was happenstance if we saw one.
    I enjoy following your varied interests, neat!


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