Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lifestyle changes

In looking at pictures of me over the past few months, it's obvious my weight has been inching up. This morning during coffee, Jilda suggested that we do the introductory membership to Weight Watchers and try that for a while.

Jilda cooks every day and eating out at a restaurant is a treat for us, but when I started looking at the points of bread, ships, and Micky D's Mocha's I was astonished. It's easy to see where my calories are coming from. I really don't eat that much food, but I eat a lot of bread, crackers, chips, and nuts. All of them are OK but not in the quantities I'd been consuming.

So I started today being mindful of what I put in my mouth.

Tonight I feel a little snippy. I guess my body likes what it likes and lets me know when it's not getting it. I plan to try it for a month and see what happens. Y'all say a prayer for me that I don't blow a fuse :)

Have a great week.

Does this picture remind you of pita chips?


  1. Keep with it Rick, you'll get past that snippy stage .. mine lasted 3 days and I was indulging way too much. I'm stating to feel better, I know you will too xox

  2. Good luck with all that!!

    Ms Soup

  3. Good luck with the weight loss!

    I've lost 25 pounds in the last 18 months, 1 1/2 pounds a month. I lost lots of weight in WW years ago but put it back on pretty quick. My change in life style (not a diet) is to strictly restrict sugar which is not only addicting but makes you hungry and carbs which convert quickly to sugar and do the same.

    This article explains why a calorie is NOT a calorie

    Sorry, I'm a bit nutty about this, it bothers me how the experts have been so wrong for so long.

  4. I'm right there with ya, Rick! Nowadays When I cut back on the carbs and don't lose (at least) 5# a week, it's hard to accept that my metabolism isn't what it used to be. Suppose it all comes down to how we FEEL.

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Don't you realize the word "diet" starts with "die"?

  6. You can do it. I know you can.

  7. for Rick’s Sunday nite blog:
    Sore subject! LOL But I have managed to drop a few pounds then when I realized it, my desire to lose more kicked in.
    The best to you two, if you both agree, it will work.. Do what you both think will work for you. But but but, food is so danged good! LOL

  8. No the picture does not remind me of pita chips. I'm not sure what pita chips look like. I know potato chips and corn chips though. I am not a salty food eater most of the time. My downfall is sweets meaning chocolate. Good luck on your month's journey.

  9. I'm on dieting since last month. It's a calorie count diet and it works for me. I've accumulated a lot of pounds during winter, and there's no better way to get rid of them. I too like bread in all its forms. Currently I eat only 2 thin slices of light bread per day (38 cal. per slice). It's very important to eat protein (a boiled egg, a big fish meat ball 70-80 cal. one), , veggies, fruit (with moderation- a small peach - 30 cal.), fiber (buckwheat crunchies (8.5 cal one)with the coffee, no sugar (use Stivia instead).
    Good Luck!

  10. You can do it Rick and Jilda. Breads, and crackers were always my go too snack but I had to give it up also. As you know, i lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. I learned its basically portion control, lots of water and many veggies. Good luck. Cant wait to read on you progress.

  11. Good luck with limiting what you eat. Not as easy as one thinks but I know you can do it. When I come back from vacation I plan to limit myself as well. I hate that because it tastes so good! That pictures reminds me of chocolate but, then again, just about anything reminds me of chocolate

  12. I've also been working at reducing my weight so you have my sympathies, not that you look all that overweight in pictures.

  13. Stay focused! I have been on weight watchers since January & it definitely help to realize the portions that I was consuming. I am being mindful as well.

  14. Yeah I don't eat a lot but I have a habit of eating the wrong foods too often and haven't been exercising the last couple of months which isn't good


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