Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I've got some "splainin" to do. When I look back over my blog, I realize it perhaps seems a bit out of sync. So here goes.

Last week a white bulldog showed up at our door. We knew he had health issues, and we learned he was deaf.  Sometimes we can place healthy dogs, but few people want the responsibility of a dog with issues. 

Writing my column for this past Sunday I decided to write about the bulldog and our decision to consider adopting him  

The next morning as we drank our coffee, I looked out my front window and there were two more young bulldogs looking in through the glass. I was so disheartened that people were dumping dogs in our neighborhood and I wrote the Throw Away blog entry. 

I whine about Facebook a lot, but it has its upside. I took posted the picture of the two young dogs along with a touching post that resonated. It was shared 84 times. 

Yesterday afternoon I got a private message from a woman in Jasper who works for a no-kill shelter. They are a small operation and they have foster families that take the dogs until they can be placed. The shelter told me to take them to one of the local vets.

This morning when I carried them in, they got their shots, meds, and both were scheduled to be neutered tomorrow. 

I'd planned to make a donation to the shelter, but when I took the dogs in, I forgot to put my checkbook in my pocket. So I went back just after lunch. One of the women who works there is one of the volunteer foster families and she told me that both pups tested negative for heart worms which was great news. She went on to say that they'd already found homes for both dogs. They will be with their new families by the end of the week.

Hook, the older dog that we're keeping goes in to the vet tomorrow to get a checkup and shots. He'll soon be missing some things he'd rather not lose but getting neutered is the price he pays. Hey, we're all making sacrifices here.

With all the bad news reverberating around the world these days, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that the world is coming apart at the seams, but then people show you that that kindness is still here, it just tends to get lost in all the noise.


  1. Now I understand and so happy the other dogs found forever homes. You and Jilda are still sweet as ever to take in the other doggie. You are so right to have these very wonderful stories amidst such horrible times that have happened recently. I love the picture

  2. Americans are an incredibly generous people, in spite of all the negativity currently being aired. I'm glad those pups will find permanent homes, and it's Karma points for you for helping a deaf dog.

  3. A happy story. We need more of these.

  4. They were handsome dogs, I thought they'd get a good home, and so has hook.

  5. Great news. Good luck to Hook on his checkup tomorrow. Keep us updated on his visit.

  6. Enjoyed the read and the adventure. Yes, it only takes a little to restore your faith in humanity. Glad the young bulls found homes, also proud of Hook for winning the lottery, he gets you guys! What a deal. (This will post....... I hope)

  7. Hopefully all goes well with Hook Tomorrow. Yes, it's good to have some happy news for a change.

  8. This is a lovely story Rick. Yes, let's celebrate the little acts of kindness going on everywhere!

  9. It is good to hear good news ! It's all around us and sadly the bad always seems to get more notoriety.

  10. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a great story! Peace, Love and Happiness always! Hugs!

  11. Now you know the reason for all those abandoned pups. They gave you back some faith in the human race.

  12. God bless you for keeping the deaf dog and for helping the others. I've made a point of adopting dogs with issues. It's very rewarding.



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