Saturday, July 09, 2016


The garlic we planted on the edge of the yard has been there for years. We share pieces of the bulbs with friends and folk who love cooking with garlic. There's nothing quite like garlic from your garden.

It's easy to grow. Just dig down a few inches, drop a few pods in the hole and try not to run over it with the lawnmower.

 This week as we walked, I noticed garlic blossoms out of the corner of my eye. They look like dandelions on steroids.

We shared some of the garlic with friends but kept a few pods for ourselves. Having them in the pantry is like money in the bank.


  1. I excited about just growing a damn tomato.

  2. I love the smell of cooking with garlic.

  3. I like some foods with garlic but I am not overly fond of it. It has been shown to lower blood pressure. My blood pressure is already low so maybe that is the reason.

  4. Garlic makes most things I cook better ! Would be lost without it. Always something new growing there at your house.

  5. Funnything about me and foods. I heard the name 'garlic' growing up, but I don't remember my mama EVER using it. I am sure I should try fresh garlic, but the minced garlic in a jar is so much easier. I would venture to bet that Sherry and I eat more GArlic in a month than my whole family ate in their whole life combined.
    I eat it because I hear you live forever if you eat it. LOL
    I do need to try some fresh stuff one day!

  6. How cool I like garlic but not a lot of garlic just a touch

  7. I love roasted garlic spread on Italian bread. Yum.

  8. Love garlic! I wonder if it would grow in the desert?


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