Thursday, July 14, 2016

Passion butterfly

I shot this picture of a Gulf fritillary a while back and ran across it tonight as I was searching for a picture to post. It's sometimes called a Passion butterfly. I can see why.

Getting decent pictures of butterflies are sometimes difficult unless you have a telephoto lens. But then sometimes they will lite on your finger.

I got close enough to this one to shoot this picture with my phone.

I'm making this post short tonight because a line of thunderstorms are a few miles to the west and I can hear thunder rolling as if there was a bowling alley in the attic. Hopefully they will drops some rain to soak the garden and move on to the east. But I wanted to post now in case the power goes out.

Y'all have a great Friday.


  1. We had a lot of thunderstorms here a couple of nights ago... thankfully they didn't last too long... the picture of the butterfly is beautiful xox

  2. Beautiful butterfly. Ive never seen one of those kind. I have a butterfly bush. Its full of all kinds of butterflies. You can put your camera right up on them as they are too busy to pay any attention.

  3. I like butterfly pics. I don't think we see that kind of butterfly in my area.

  4. When someone tells me he is an atheist, I ask them to explain the butterfly.

    1. And then they (he) criticizes my grammar.

  5. Love the jewel-like colors. I hope you don't lose power.

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM


  7. I keep experimenting on getting a comment thru on this server but it ain't working for me.
    Love the color here. I enjoy butterflies I always wonder if they know where they are going. (copy & past back on AOL)

  8. Beautiful picture of a beautiful creature. Enjoy the rain.

  9. I hope the storms weren't too bad! Gorgeous photo!


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