Friday, July 15, 2016

Throw Away

We live in a throw-a-way society. Planned obsolescence. Get it use it for a while and toss it. We can get another one at the big-box store and the new one will probably cheaper than the one we tossed. Computers, phones,  microwaves, and the list goes on.

I think growing up in a time of abundance, we tire of things when the shine wears off. That hasn't always been the case. I've written about this before, but Jilda's and my parents grew up during the Great Depression where there weren't always sure where the next meal would come from. It would not have occurred to them to toss something until it was completely "used up." Even things that were used for one purpose, were often pressed into service for something else. I have never known my mother to toss out a quart jar. Never. Jilda's mother washed aluminum pie plates and stored them in her pantry. They would have had a hard time coping this day and time.

The tossing doesn't stop with electronics, and other disposable goods. Unfortunately, people also toss animals when they are no longer "cute."

This past week, a mix-breed bulldog showed up at our doorsteps. He was painfully thin and he obviously had health issues. We checked around with neighbors, but no one has lost a dog. We
quickly discovered that the dog was also deaf. My heard sank because that pretty much ruled out having someone adopt him because no one wants a "defective" dog. My column in this coming Sunday's paper is about this one...but that's not all.

Yesterday, two more dogs showed up. These were also bulldogs, but they are much younger. They are probably less than a year old. I'm guessing someone cleaned house. They took animals they no longer wanted and tossed them.

We plan to adopt the older dog that's deaf, but we hope we can place the two younger dogs. We put a note out on Facebook with the picture below, but we haven't had any takers.

When we walked this evening these two young dogs joined us. They are delightful critters. And this evening when I sat down on the front steps for a few minutes the dogs ran over to keep me company. They are starved for love.

We'll have to make the hard decision next week if we haven't found them a home. Even thinking about taking them to the local shelter breaks my heart because the minute you take them in, the clock starts ticking. If they aren't adopted, they are euthanized.

I'm not sure how someone could toss the most loving, and loyal creatures on earth.


  1. Dogs ask for so little and give so much. It's a shame some people find them disposable.

  2. They are beautiful dogs! Some Facebook friend will take them.

  3. How sad. I have a post coming up about abandoned animals. Great minds...

  4. Ahhh, my friend you paint a beautiful but sad picture. It is hard for an animal lover to allow a dog to pass thru. My granddaughter has a couple.(She was going to be a 'foster owner' but ended up being the Owner. Son Mark has a deaf bull dog, Janie. I 'hear' that many bulls have hearing problems. I never knew that.
    I had some dogs growing up. There is not a better listener when you need a friend. Good post, also needed. THANKS

  5. Oh my gosh, this is hard to read. So heartbreaking. I hope someone gives them a good home!

  6. I have been away to Quebec so not on much. This breaks my heart and yet, I am not surprised at how horrible people can be. I wish I could take them in but we already have 5 cats and 1 dog and can't take more on but I feel so bad. Is there some rescue place near you?? Maybe there is a rescue where they do not kill the dogs like that show Put bulls and Parolees. What I can say is how beautiful you and Jilda are for taking in The deaf dog. When we hear all the negativity we also can see and read the beauty and you have special souls for taking in a special needs dog.

  7. Aaaaaaggh! The very idea of throwing away dogs - yet I know people who think it is perfectly acceptable and can (in their eyes) justify their actions. I would take the smokey grey and white one if I was in a position to do so.

    As for the throw-away society we live in, don't get me started! I could/should write a post about it!!

    Mind you don't fall off your chair laughing at that idea Rick!


  8. Anonymous12:27 AM

    I wish I was in a position to take them!!

  9. I hope you find a good home for those dogs. I've adopted from shelters before and they were some very thankful dogs. Going into one of those places though just about breaks your heart. You've a very kind heart to adopt the older one.

  10. Pitiful! Hope they find a loving home. The storms could have ran them out of their own home. Hopefully they are not abandoned and the owners will come around.

  11. At the wellfare organization where I sometimes donate clothing, I was told by someone, off the record, that most of the stuff they get goes to recycling. There's a new trend among people in need - they want NEW clothes, not second hand. They demand what they call social equality...

  12. I really don't understand people! Makes me so upset! The dogs are wonderful!
    Sad but true, we do live in a throw away society!!


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