Friday, August 16, 2019

Barn dreams

My nephew Haven is a plumber and he has connections with craftsmen/women in the area. He has a carpenter that specializes in restoring old structures.

The carpenter works a full-time job and does contracts on the weekend. I'm hoping this guy can help me make repairs on the barn.

I'll start buying up the timbers and siding that I need. We also have scaffolds that make the higher work much easier.

There's no way anyone will want to work in this heat. Hopefully, the weather will break next month and bring cooler temps.

I dreamed about the barn last night. My mind does that. When I switch gears and start focusing on a project, the work starts showing up in my dreams.

Below are pictures from the restoration of the front and sides several years ago.


  1. That's a big job!

  2. Never underestimate the power of dreams..or hard work..or vision..or a get 'er done attitude! I can't believe how little Jordan looks in that pic! You need to recreate that shot. And although he's older and taller, the smile is still the same! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Jordon was the sweetest little helper ever - big job several years ago. Hope your get the carpenter lined up as you gather all the supplies needed for the next big job.

  4. It will be wonderful when it is done.
    Love the picture of the younger Jordan.

  5. Thanks for the pictures. Like everyone else, the picture of Jordan wa tops. lol.
    The work and (looks like rough cut) siding looks good. I know you are proud of the barn, as you should be. I certainly would be.
    The best to you. I know the repairs will again be good stuff.
    Sherry & jack over here in NC.

  6. PS: Seeing the 'hay door and lift' in the loft I thought of my 'sophisticated sister, back in 1944 jumping out of the loft into a soft pile of straw ans manure. I reminded her of that many times years later. LOL

  7. It will be a big job. Have fun.

  8. Wow! What a really great old barn! Good job on the restoration. Our old barn on the family farm was finally taken down. When they were working on the backside of the barn laying the stone foundation, a horseman came to tell them that Lincoln had been shot. The men each jumped on their own horse and went off in different directions to let other people know. That barn survived about 150 years. Oh- and the upper hay loft floor was made of tongue and groove butternut. My brother saved all that and stored it. After he passed away I think it went with the shed on the farm.

  9. That's a big project but it will be worth it in the end. My little sheds bot need some fixing.
    I love that last picture. I hope Jordan will be able to help with staining the barn and I bet he can reach much higher this time.
    August is usually hot but this year it has been lovely.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. "both" and not bot.

  11. There's a definite plus to being part of a big extended family. There's always some who knows somebody who can help out with a problem or a big work project.
    And so the barn dream should become a reality with time, money and some hard work.

  12. A lot of work involved but a good result

  13. You are up to the challenge Nd you will reap the rewards


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