Friday, August 09, 2019


The air temp today was 97 degrees F. I couldn't do the physical work on my todo list, but whizzing around the farm on my John Deere...that's another story.

I cut a few acres of grass. When the green beast slung the last blade of grass out the side, I switched off the blades and drove toward the shade.

Pulling up close to the beehives, I switched off the engine. The engine ticked as it cooled. When the weather is this hot, wads of bees hang out on the outside of the hive.

With a hand cupped to my ear, I could hear the drone of bees inside the hive fanning their wings to cool the queen.

The honey flow is almost over. Most of the plants where bees gather nectar and pollen are withering in the blistering heat. Soon the dynamics of the hive will change and the bees will start making ready for fall and winter. Tomorrow, I plan to harvest two more hives. I hope they are as full as the one I did last Sunday.

After zen'ing (is that a word?) with the bees for a while, I pulled the lawnmower up to the house and switched off the motor.

As I swung off, I noticed a flurry of butterflies. Pulling my phone from my pocket, I stepped over to the garden to see if I could get a picture for tonight's blog. I did.

Meet my new friend Zelda. She's tending our zinnias. She loves Joan Jett, brie, and sunset flutters with her bestie.

After taking several pictures, I stood still and held out my pointing finger. Zelda fluttered around and almost alighted but she didn't want to seem "easy" so she opted for a sunflower.

I think I'm in love.


  1. Do you ave to leave some of the honey for the bees? Don't they need it to make it through the winter?

    1. Yes. I leave one super and one larger brood box with honey.
      Before harvesting the top box, I have to check the bottom boxes to make sure they have honey.
      If the bottom ones are not full, I leave the top box without taking the honey.

  2. Zelda is a beauty. I can see why you are in love.

  3. Zelda is indeed a seductress.

  4. Beautiful picture. I,love the butterfly. What is the name of this butterfly?


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