Saturday, August 17, 2019

Eight pounds of fuzzy love

We napped today, but my sleepy bliss was interrupted. I heard snoring. At first, I thought it was a dream. Eyes opened and listening. 

There it was. Again I heard a snore and then a snub. It wasn't Jilda. She rarely snores. 

When I looked over, it was Taz who is Jilda's shadow. 

My wife rarely makes a step that her tiny shadow is not in her footsteps. 

She was on the love seat next to my sleeping wife - snoring. 

Sitting up on the couch, I picked up one of my beekeeping books and began to read.

Taz realized that I was awake, so she sat up and glared at me. She seemed to be saying - if you wake mama up, you're in big trouble mister. You'll sleep on the couch tonight.

As often happens, the phone rang. It was for Jilda. I handed the phone to her, grabbed a handful of pastitsio nuts, my glass of sweet tea, and headed to the back deck for an afternoon snack.

Taz was uninterested in the phone conversation, so she came outside with me. 

As I looked over at her, I realized that she is eight pounds of fuzzy love.


  1. Animals always rule the home. She is a cutie for sure

  2. Taz is a lovely hair-explosion of quiet affection. Delightful post!

  3. If you gave her a buzz cut like you did your collie, she would be six pounds of love.

  4. Thanks Rick for Taz's photo tonight.

  5. Of course she is. And couldn't love you and Jilda more if she weighed 80 pounds.

  6. Taz is cute. I didn't know you could measure love by the pound. lol
    Enjoy Your day of rest.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Taz is cute.

  8. Love that dog, such a good picture. She is woman's best friend, huh!

  9. Such a cutie! They do take their place in our hearts don't they..I hope you have a good week Rick and that the weather cools a bit down there!


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