Wednesday, August 28, 2019


If there were awards for miles driven, I would have gotten enough points today for a weekend at a Hilton.

I picked up my new glasses at Pearl Vision which is south of Birmingham. While waiting for the optical tech to adjust my frames, my phone buzzed.

The publisher needed me to attend a luncheon for the local community foundation. The speaker told touching stories about how poverty touched her when she was a child. She then talked about her work with the youth advocacy program now.  The stories put a lump in my throat.

After the luncheon, I was getting ready to leave when the publisher asked if I would consider interviewing a veteran. He was a Vietnam vet who was a prisoner of war. I could have talked with him all afternoon, but I'd promised Jilda I would drive her to work.

I'd barely put down my things when we had to load up and head back toward Birmingham.

When I got home late this evening, I stepped down to check on the chickens. Several of them were waiting patiently for me to bring their evening snack.

I had a frame from an old card table that I kept telling myself that I was going to repair. I set the frame inside the chicken pen just to have something for them to perch on.

They love the frame. I also put a mirror in their pen. Throughout the day I can look out and a few of them are admiring their selves in the mirror. Chickens are funny.

I have a folding chair that I lean up against the coop and many evenings I will sit in that chair watching the chickens and unwind. I know this must sound strange for those of you, but the experience is Zen'ish.


  1. I don't think chicken watching is strange at all. After your busy schedule I can understand why it's nice to recharge and stop to enjoy the simple things in life. Such a great way to recycle that table too! Your previous post sounded like you had some heavy storms. Hope all is well and you have a great tomorrow!

    1. The storm didn’t affect us and after the fire crew removed the trees, things are back to normal today. Thank.

  2. Big Day Rick. A lot of emotions. Zen-ish - good way to wind down after a long and very busy day.

  3. Not strange at all. And the warble of contented chooks is a lovely sound.

  4. Not foolish qt all/. There iw something oddly soothing in the ordinary. You really put the miles on and I bet it felt good to be home.

  5. I would not want your job, BUT tagging along and trying to listen would be neat.
    Like the idea of the mirror for the chicks! Chicks need mirrors! LOL
    Sherry & jack

  6. Dear Rick, the winding down after a day's stress is something can I can actually feel happen with my body. I"m sure you to too with the Zen-ish you mention. I try to go to the deep center of myself where Oneness dwells and I discover that my breath slows and I drift into a state of gratitude. Aren't we fortunate that we can do this! Peace.

  7. I completely understand sitting and watching chickens...a glass of port and a good cigar would make it even nicer for me.

  8. I watch birds so I understand you watching chickens. They sure like the frame. It's perfect for them.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. You had a busy day and an emotional one because of the Vietnam Vet and the speaker. I can't wait to read about the Vietnam vet you interviewed. Sit back and enjoy the chickens...are any named Foghorn Leghorn?


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