Monday, August 19, 2019

Into the sky

After class tonight, I carried the bag of yoga mats to the car while Jilda said her goodbyes to the students.

When I walked out, the Park & Rec field had manager had switched off the lights on the toy bowl football field casting the lot in momentary darkness.

I think it was serendipity because the darkness highlighted the sky off to the west.  Had the class lasted another few minutes, I would have missed something worthwhile.

Thankfully, I had my big camera in the car. Pulling it out of the protective bag, I snapped on the telephoto lens. It reached out past the parking lot and into the sky.


  1. It must be some kind of inner spirit or mentl photographer's drive to see and think CAMERA! get it, shoot it. Most folk are like me, Man I wish I had thought to tke apicture.

    Good one.
    Sherry & jack.

  2. My oh my. That is breathtaking.

  3. Truly dramatic and lovely. Thank you.

  4. Wow what a shot!

  5. Dear Rick, so dramatic! Like something that would begin a movie that takes place in Slovakia! Peace.

  6. That's a James Spann shot if I ever saw one!

  7. This is a stunner-I love this!!!


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