Monday, August 26, 2019

Security system

The fountain and birdbaths have become a hangout for the bees. They buzz up and light on the fountain all day long.

They are polite critters. Even when the dogs interrupt them and drink from the fountain, the bees fly off while the dogs drink and then return when the they leave.

I had a beekeeper meeting tonight and one of the people there said that she'd read an article somewhere and said that burglary and property theft were less likely at places that keep bees. 

We live in the sticks and must be mindful of leaving things out. I'm guessing that if someone came around while Jilda and I were away that the bees buzzing around the entryway and a pit bull in the backyard might give them pause. 

They don't have to know that the bees are only after the water and the dog just wants someone to pet his head.

I think it's a pretty good security system.


  1. It sounds like an excellent security system.

  2. If you have someone in your area reading your blog, you just let the cat out of the bag. Sorry about the pun but I couldn't help myself. I'm sure they keep your place safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Yep, for most folks Bee stings are closely associated to a rattlesnake bite. I have always thought just the bark of a dog was a great security system, now you have more than doubled that!!!~

  4. A lot of people are afraid of Franklin. That's fine. The people who know him realize what a sweetheart he is. I didn't know that bees are attracted to water. Do they actually get drinks or is the water interesting for some other reason?


  5. Your security system is not only a good one but you also get honey and unconditional adoration from parts of it.

  6. Get a "beware of the bees" sign. haha.

  7. My sister owns her own company that installs security cameras and systems. While putting in a system in Chicago the work van was robbed...$7000 worth of tools taken. It was all captured on the newly installed cameras but they never caught the thieves! Yep, bees and dogs are much better security!

  8. Bees are everything and I am so glad everyone is living in harmony


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