Sunday, August 25, 2019

Thank goodness for the rain

During the weeks of above-normal temperatures, I started worrying about autumn. A few years ago, when it did this, the leaves went from green to brown.

A few days ago, something changed in the air. Instead of being as warm as a fevered breath, a hint of cool air mingled in the breeze.

That evening, Caillou became restless. He does this when there is an approaching storm.

Jilda and I were eating supper in the TV room. Soon I heard the rain pounding on the metal roof. The lights flickered a time or two, but we didn't lose power.

The next morning, the ground squished as we walked. It's rained a little each day since then.

The heat made all the apples and pears drop prematurely, but I think the rain rescued autumn.

Today when we walked, I could see the tulip poplar leaves turning along with the poison oak. Also, the damp ground is making the fungi go crazy. I snapped this picture today.

Thank goodness for the rain.


  1. The rain and cool came our way too and gave us a beautiful weekend. Glad it's getting nicer by you. Some leaves are changing slowly up here and I have one tree completely bare but I'm sure that's not normal! Yikes, probably have a problem with that one. Hope the week is great for you guys!

  2. Love the fungi.
    Envy the rain. Winter is the season we get most of our rain. This year we haven't.

  3. Those flat mushrooms look like something ready to put on a sandwich or maybe saute for a garnish.

  4. Amazing how the dogs catch that change in pressure and predict the weather. Nice shot. And yes we too have been catching up on some rain here in NC.
    Sherry & jack

  5. Fungi Mushrooms are always interesting to photograph.


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