Tuesday, August 13, 2019


We walked even earlier this morning. Even so, that air was thick and still. The dogs were giddy when we started but their enthusiasm waned after the first lap.

Jilda and I pushed on and got a head start on our daily exercise goals.

After we finished, Jilda went inside to make us protein shake with blueberries, and too many other ingredients to name.

I went out to feed the chickens and give them fresh water. The last chore was to fill the backyard containers for the birds and bees.

When I flipped over the watering dish, a small frog hopped onto my shoe. I wasn't expecting it and almost had a hygiene issue. When I lifted the dish a little higher to was out some grass and dead leaves, I noticed another amphibian except this one was incognito.

It blended in so well with the earth, dead grass, and leaves that I almost missed him (or her.)

Not much else to report from the homefront - Take it away, maestro.


  1. A master of disguise.

  2. Stay cool, and safe. And thank you for providing sustenance for the critters.

  3. Once in Vermont on the AT I was so intent on shooting a pic of a toad I did not see a girl hike right up and stand there. Sherry had stepped tight over the toad and did not see it it had blended in so well. Nature is a surprise.
    Sherry & jack

  4. I see mr. Toad and have a feeling he wanted to go for a ride on your shoe.

  5. He is a good hider. We have a lot of toads this year.

  6. Took me a while to find it

  7. It is years since I saw a toad.... my fault for moving to a house without a pond.


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