Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I loved that guitar

We lived in a house trailer in 1975. It wasn't air-conditioned. We'd been married a year and we both worked at jobs that paid just over minimum wage which was $2.10 an hour.

I wasn't a whiz with finances back then. Even though we barely earned enough to eat and keep the lights on, I bought a Gibson Les Paul. It cost more than the car we drove.

The payments were low. It took three years but I finally paid it off.

It was a beautiful guitar. The design of the neck and the fretboard made playing the guitar feel almost like cheating.

A few years later, I got a job with the phone company and our prospects became brighter. We still weren't "in the money." but things were looking up.

As often happens when you live close to the edge, our car started guzzling oil. The engine on the old Plymouth Valiant was shot. We still couldn't afford a new car, so I did something that I still regret. I sold the Les Paul to a guy that worked with me at MaBell.

Scanning through some old photographs today, I came across this picture that Jilda took of me playing the Les Paul. I felt a twinge of sadness.

Did I mention that I loved that guitar?


  1. My son Phil would cry at this post! Sometimes we do what we have to in life. Maybe one day you'll get the opportunity to get one again.

  2. I would have sold the

  3. That is a shame but I commend you for realizing what was needed. At least you have this picture..not what you may want but it shows how responsible you are

  4. When I was a teenager, daddy wanted me to learn guitar and bought me a “Kent” guitar. Thats all I remember about it. It was probably a low class guitar but it got me through a few lessons before the guitar instructor quit. Haha. My ex husband pawned it. Never saw it again.

  5. That was very unfortunate but at least if you really want to get another one, the possibility is still there. You can buy one on-line but they are pretty pricy. There must be a desperate fellow out there who needs the money, just like you did back then.
    Go ahead and look for one. Yours is probably still out there.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Last year my neighbor, Jim Arp, sold his $80 guitar for $4000 to pay his taxes. Jim is a recluse now, I seldom see him. He is in the RockaBilly Hall of fame and starred in a couple movies, but hated to see that guitar go. Memories and instruments what a combination, but the Pictures still remain.
    Sherry & jack recalling some things in the same way.

    1. That story is even more sad than mine Jack.

  7. So sad, so very sad. I wonder where it went, and if the owner found joy using it.


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