Saturday, August 03, 2019

No rain

We drove into Birmingham today to pick up my contact lenses. Jilda called our friends Kaye and Jamie to see if they wanted to have lunch at a nearby restaurant. They did so we did.

It's always good to see them. They both are creative types and I'm always amazed at the things they are doing.

On the way home on the Interstate, we drove through torrential rains. The speed limit was 70, but I moved over to the far-right lane and slowed to 45. There were many cars that saught shelter of overpasses. 

One SUV blew past us but hit a strip of water on the road. Fortunately, they maintained control. I'm sure the driver had a hygiene issue because he flipped on his blinker and moved into the lane in front of us and slowed to a reasonable thunder-storm speed.

As we got closer to home, the clouds dispersed. The gauge on our car that shows the outside temp went from 71 to 84 degrees as we got closer to home.

Our community has an umbrella of high pressure floating above. All the other communities around us have had torrential rain in the last few days, but the best we can manage is a sprinkle so light that we didn't turn on the windshield wipers when we drove in.

My brother-in-law is an amateur weatherman. People laugh when I say that, but he'd right more often than the high-dollar meteorologists on camera.

Anyhow, he said it will take a tropical disturbance in the Gulf to push our high-pressure area off to the east and allow us to get some precious rain.

I don't want anything bad to happen to our friends on the Gulf, but we sure could use some rain.

Below is a picture I shot with my DSLR camera yesterday at sunset. It looks almost mystical.


  1. to the picture which looks like stained glass. Really striking! We need rain as well and we seem to be in the same spot like you. It will rain in Toronto and other areas but not here.

  2. Beautiful - great camera too.

  3. I slowed down to 40 in a torrential storm on the NJ T-pike so I could see and because you never know about your brakes when wet. A car behind me was flying, when he came up to me he slammed on the brakes and hydroplaned right into my rear end. His front end was crumpled. My Jeep had those gasoline holding steel bumper things and was barely dented. Pulling over to the side is not a bad idea.

  4. That is a truly brilliant photo.
    We too desperately need rain. We had 5mm last month, and winter is ordinarily our wettest period of the year.

  5. Wow. That picture defies description!
    The few occasions we've had to drive in Birmingham I felt like our lives were in jeopardy.

  6. Beautiful shot. And yes some people have no idea the danger they are in driving turnpike speeds in a torrential rain.
    Sherry & jack

  7. I hope you get some rain. The picture is so colorful and bright.

  8. After a long dry spell, we've had some big storms. Lake Junebug is damp, but doesn't have any kind of pool to attract guests.



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