Saturday, August 10, 2019


Buckeyes. They look like harmless seeds growing on an obscure tree here in Alabama but in the hands of a pre-pubescent kid they can be lethal...or at the least, very painful.

When I was a kid, we didn't have electronics. We did have a TV, but it was black and white. It hummed and crackled before the speckled picture materialized on the screen. This didn't hold a hyper kids attention long unless it was Saturday morning and there were horror movies showing.

So, we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. We spent a lot of time fishing, hunting, swimming in creeks, and building forts. Yes, we were at war a great deal during those years.

One of my best weapons was a stick about 40 inches long and buckeye seeds.

You see, you can sharpen the end of a hedge limb and scrunch on a buckeye seed about the size of a golfball and you had firepower.

Even if the enemy was 50 yards away if your aim was true and the wind was right you could smack an enemy invader in the head. Believe me. I've been the whack-or and the whack-ee. When a buckeye seed whizzing at what seems like the speed of light smacks you on the head it hurts.

It's a thousand wonders I escaped childhood with both eyes, all my teeth, and only a few permanent scars.

I thought of this today during our morning walk when I saw buckeyes down by the barn.


  1. Thank you. I have read about buckeyes, but have never before seen them. I am not surprised that they can be a truly effective and painful weapon.

  2. We never used buckeyes, but I can see where they can be a great weapon. Acorns and sling shots were more common in this area. Boys can find a weapon to go to war with, that is for sure. I have seen a lot of Buckeyes, but never have seen them growing.
    Sherry & jack in NC

  3. We used sand burrs and rubber bands. I still have a keloid just under my left cheek bone from one. I agree... it is amazing that any of us reached adulthood.

  4. Not something I have ever seen

  5. I never heard of these seeds but your game sounds lethal. You invented the Hunger Games:)


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