Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Write Thang

I spent the morning on the screen porch writing. With a backlog of stories that won't write themselves, I had to buckle down. I'd knocked out two before lunch.

I'm also doing research on a story/stories about opioid addiction. Our county made national news last month. The story was not an uplifting one, but one that makes me sad.

The paper is doing a series of stories about how the crisis has affected the community. I put a note on Facebook mentioning that I was working on a story if anyone had family members that have been affected. My messenger box filled up. The stories are heartbreaking.

When Jilda headed out for work after lunch, I worked on Sunday's column. The last few weeks I've struggled with a compelling idea. Today, I tired of waiting for the muse and simply started writing.

Tomorrow will tell if what I wrote will work or not. I have my fingers crossed.

Midafternoon, I clomped the laptops shut, whistled up the dogs and headed out for a walk.

I'm an equal opportunity observer. Today, I walked down and sat in my chair under the peach tree and watched the bees.

The honey flow is over for the most part and the bees are preparing for winter. You can see several hanging out on "Bee" street loitering. It was a good way to unwind after doing the Write Thang.


  1. Dear Rick, bees need all the help they can get right now. You are definitely a good influence.

  2. I support all bees after watching The Bee Movie. It really spoke to me.

    1. Hey Powder, which Bee Movie did you see.
      I’ve been reading about the Heartland documentary but it hasn’t shown around here.

  3. I am so glad that you were able to relax with the bees today (a change which is very almost as good as a holiday).

  4. The Opeoid thing is a hard thing to write about. So many addicted and affected. We have a lot of it here and it's in the news most every day. Glad you had time to sit an refresh in nature. You are as busy as your bees.

  5. Very nice picture of the bee hives!
    We are all addicted to something. Addiction is dependance, and dependance is not good, from any angle one looks at it.
    I often check and test myself if I'm not 'glued' to something , obsessive about something (TV, computer, overeating, etc..). So far,so good, thank God.

  6. I have always been terrified of bees, but this summer I had a pet Carpenter Bee on my patio that would hang out with me when I would go outside. I gradually felt less threatened of bees. My Loofah plants are covered in bees as they love the flowers. I was brave and would get close to them and they were all nice. Now the yellow jackets....Thats another story.

  7. I enjoyed the visit. And yes the opioids have ruined many folk.
    this time the epidemic is hurting more families. An eye opener for sure. The best to you on your research, sometimes the right words are found to 'help' in times like these.
    BEE good!
    Sherry and jack

  8. We have no clue how huge this addiction is but it is rampant. I had a former dealer in my office who would supply the nurses with coke in exchange for opeoids...scary. On a nicer note, I am so glad you have the bees and you are enjoying the honey

  9. All the responses to your Facebook request shows what a need there is for people to talk about the opioid problem. Maybe they need a place they can go to work out feelings without feeling judged. I am awaiting that article.

  10. The opioid crisis is probably worst that we are told. It's hard for me to understand that nurses and doctors who are supposed to take care of the health of their patients are also addicts. It's a crisis in every walk of life, every profession. Best of luck with the article.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Writing doesn't always come easy for me


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