Saturday, August 24, 2019

Old things

I love new things, but there's something about old things. Many of the new things are made/built/assembled by machines. Most of the old things involved sweat.

This is the hulk of the old Dora Library. It was built by local craftsmen during the Great Depression. Civilian Conservation Corps workers excavated rock from the surrounding hills and hollows and hauled them on-site with mule-drawn wagons. 

I was in grammar school the last time I was there. The librarian was an older woman who looked harshly over her glasses if you talked. 

 It fell in disuse in the early 60s when the town moved to the highway. Soon, it was only a fond memory that smelled of old books, and reverberating clicking sounds when people walked from shelves to the checkout desk. 

I always felt as though I was doing something important when I spent time there.


  1. I see what was once a beautiful piece of architecture. It is so sad when buildings like that are left to rot away.

  2. I have a huge weakness for old things, and mourn those which fall into disarray.

  3. Funny this, we were just talking about our Belmont Library, it still stands, but is not used as it once was. It was the place for research in school, but now that is replaced by Google.
    Neat shot!

  4. It's been more than 50 years, but still. I can close my eyes and imagine myself back at the Los Alamos public library. Near broke my heart when - together with the Community Center - it was bulldozed.

  5. Thanks for sharing and keeping the memories of Old Dora alive Rick. We hate seeing the Old Dora like this, but the memories of it are priceless. We still have a bed quilt my Grandma did in the basement of the Old Dora Methodist Church, with several of her friends over 50 years ago. A real treasure we hold close to our hearts.


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